Free Weed! – Get 3 Strain Samples with your First Order.
This Months Sample Strains are:
  • Organic Purple Haze
  • Black Diamond
  • God Bud
What do we want in return? Just tell us what you like the most. (feel free to add why but its not required)
Why would we do this?
As anybody who cares about their customers knows, we need to know what our customers like.
We feel as though the best way to do accomplish this is to have you try all kinds of strains.
The best way to do that is to give it to you and see what you think, because we all know free weed is the best kind of weed.
So burn one ( or two 🙂 on us! share it with some friends.. group opinion is usually the best types because its an open forum and we want to know what you really think.