THC Dosages – Unravelling the Mystery



Cannabis Flower is anywhere between 12% and 28% THC. The other properties of cannabis, including CBD usually make up less than 6% of the total volume. As higher CBD strains are being bred back into existence there is a reemergence of higher CBD strains which offer a reduced psychoactive effect.

A joint is anywhere between .25 and .75 of a gram. Because of the almost immediate effect of smoking, it is easier to rate your THC consumption than when eating it. In a normal sized joint a novice might find a couple of tastes will be enough. Always best to start with small amounts and work up as you feel confident.

Keep in mind that the THC percentage is not a great indicator of the intensity of your experience. Cannabis contains hundreds of properties that affect your body in different ways.

*Smoking is not the most medicinal method of uptake and one might consider a vaporizer or water pipe to inhale*


Consuming Concentrates

*Shatter* Butter* Live resin* CO2 extract* Distillate*Honey Oil*Cherry Oil*Phoenix tears*

Inhaling your concentrate

Concentrates are most likely being consumed with special vaporizers and DAB rigs

 +  + Or 

You can also always add concentrates to a joint to increase the potency.

Shatter and oil concentrates are anywhere from 60% to 85% THC. The process to create these extracts brings all of the other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids to the finished product without or with very low amounts of plant matter.

The exception to this will be distillates. Distillation separates the compounds and delivers those compounds back to consumers separately. This means you will usually have a product between 90% and 97% pure THC, the terpenes can be added back separately and will enhance the taste and effect of the distillate.

Dosage depends on experience. Please start with small inhalations until you are comfortable with the new concentrate.

Eating concentrates

  1. Are you experienced?

Not just the beginning of a great song, an important question. Are you? We do not mean have you smoked before, because smoking and eating cannabis are two different things. Regardless of how much you smoke, the relationship between your body and eaten cannabis might throw you for a loop.

Are you experienced?

If not, Start small!


  1. Do you know the dosage of the product?

Health Canada has yet to release a dosage standard to the country, because there isn’t one. This comes from prohibition and years of denying the medicinal aspects of cannabis. The closest dosage comes from the US which compares 10mg of THC to 1 glass of wine. I can tell you from personal experience that 1 glass of wine is far more intoxicating to me than 10mg of edibles, but that is me, you might be different.

Eating cannabis extract and the possible intoxication factor doesn’t seem to depend on body size or sex, it is dependent on the person. It is also dependent on the amount of other Cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids present. All of these components mix together and create an entourage effect to which everybody reacts differently. The complexity of this plant makes this question almost impossible to answer for each individual.

This is why you must start small. Each edible product you buy from our shelves is dose specific and with a little math you can figure out a 5 – 10 mg portion to start with. Also, different products will have different effects, so if you are switching products go slow again.

Please allow up to 2 hours for full effect before eating more.

So many stories begin with “I wasn’t feeling a thing so I ate the other half…”

  1. Have you eaten?

Well, have you?

Do not consume on an empty stomach.

Lots of not great stories begin with “I hadn’t eaten a thing and then…”

Tinctures and Capsules

Tinctures are edible and dose specific. Tinctures and capsules allow for the consumer to know exactly the amount of THC and CBD they are consuming. Our tinctures are labelled with dosage and have different combinations of THC and CBD content. Each dropper full is one ml and dosage is identified on the box.

Example: If the box says 30mg THC per ml, 1/3 of a dropper is equal to 10mg THC.

5 – 10mg of THC/CBD to start applies with tinctures as well.

If you need reduce a capsule dosage, freeze the capsules and cut accordingly.

Please start this product in the same manner as all edibles, not on an empty stomach and SLOWLY!



Consuming Pheonix tears (Rick Simpson oil, full extract oil)

This oil is what most people are using medicinally. This full plant extract is very powerful because of the way it is processed and all of the plant properties contained in it. This is the typical oil used for most cancers, epilepsy, autism, MS, PTSD, pain and other chronic conditions.

Please take this with caution. The average THC content is 75% ( or 750 mg of THC per gram of oil) but the power of this oil demands respect until you know your tolerance level.

To start with I recommend the smallest amount possible. Think a drop on the end of a toothpick and work your way up from there. The internet suggests a rice size portion to start but I have found this size too much for most people so I suggest less. At this size you can place the drop between your cheek and gums or sublingually.

Try it before bed the first time, you can rate your tolerance by the way you feel the next morning. If the effect you are feeling in the morning is too strong, then cut back the dosage slightly.

You may not love the taste but that isn’t the point of the exercise.

Less is better. The last thing anyone wants is to feel an out of control high. Unfortunately, this happens and, in some cases, these patients give up on taking oil because it scares them. Please don’t be one of those people.


Increase your dosage within your comfort zone. Like any other therapeutic drug you want to maintain a consistant dose in your body. Depending on your ailment, it is suggested that a person works up to a gram a day. This is a lot of oil for some people and for others it is not enough, listen to your body and what it is telling you.

No one in history has overdosed on Cannabis, and many people have tried.

So please, don’t be afraid and don’t overdo it either.

What if I consume too much?

There are a few things you can do if you feel you have taken too much THC

  1. Consume vitamin C

A nice big glass of OJ might just be what the doctor ordered.

  1. Peppercorns

Yes, peppercorns. Smell them or pop a few in your mouth, The compounds present in peppercorns have a grounding effect and you will feel somewhat normal immediately.

  1. Citocolene

Found in most health food stores this wonderful supplement adds a sense of well being to your THC induced anxiety. I highly recommend having this in your cupboard if you are eating concentrates.

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