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Trouvaille is a high-CBD sativa-dominant hybrid strain, High-CBD strains tend to offer a balanced experience. Recommended for daytime use. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, flowers tend to be tapered and slender in shape, while its indica parentage helps the flowers to remain dense. The buds showcase an abundance of orange hairs covering bright green leaves, along with a generous dusting of crystal resin (trichomes). Trouvaille presents aromas and flavours of pine trees and berries. Trouvaille offers a well-balanced 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD. THC is the cannabinoid that may result in a feeling of euphoria, while CBD tends to produce a more focused experience. Featuring pinene as one of the dominant terpenes, the smell and flavour recall a pine-scented forest with hints of berry. As in nature, pinene is thought to offer an energized experience in combination with cannabinoids.