Preliminary Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licenses Awarded in Maryland


On November 28, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission announced that it had awarded preliminary dispensary licenses to 102 applicants, and on December 9, announced the names (listed below).

This final announcement of selected applicant names comes roughly one year after the application process ended. Selections were initially scheduled for January of this year. The state did not expect the influx of applications that came in, which totaled more than 1,000. And 811 of those were to operate a dispensary.

Applicants to grow cannabis and produce products were selected in August, and ten of the selected dispensaries were also selected to grow. And it was not without controversy–as is to be expected during the increasingly competitive medical cannabis licensing process. (Read Cannabis Wire’s piece on the high cost of cannabis licensing lawsuits.) Issues ranged from lawmakers taking action over a lack of racial diversity to lawsuits from companies that were not selected in an attempt to create geographic diversity. And, finally, there were ethics concerns with the fact that one selected company’s team included a lawmaker who had a hand in the state’s medical cannabis legislation.

The process in Maryland became competitive in part because the medical cannabis industry in the state is expected to be robust. The approved conditions list is comparatively open, which could mean more patients will take part, and the program allows for whole plant products, which will likely keep the costs lower than in a state like New York, which only allows sales of non-smokable cannabis products.

All pre-approved applicants, from growers to dispensaries, have one year from the date of their selection to wrap up the additional regulatory requirements for final approval.

The selected applicants are listed below:

Entity Name                                                                   District

Advanced Alternative Therapies LLC 30
AGG Wellness LLC 42
Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary 1
Alternative Medicine Maryland LLC 32
AltPharm LLC 26
AmediCanna Dispensary LLC 12
B1 Earthgroup Inc. 14
Bethesda Biomedical Inc. 22
Blair Wellness Center LLC 43
Bloomworks Wellness LLC 3
Blu Pharms LLC 21
Blue Mountain LLC 34
Blue Ridge Wellness LLC 8
Budding Rose LLC 16
Cannabus LLC 15
CannaMD LLC 45
CannaPharmacy Maryland LLC 47
Cannavations MD LLC 11
Charm City Medicus LLC 6
Charm City Relief Partners LLC 44
Chesacanna Inc. 11
Chesapeake Alternatives LLC 16
Chesapeake Apothecary 28
Chesapeake Health Sciences 7
Chesapeake Integrated Health Institute LLC 40
Columbia Care MD LLC 18
Compassionate Herbal Alternatives Inc. 25
DLD Enterprises Inc 5
Durjaya LLC 33
Euphoria Wellness Maryland LLC 4
Evolution Wellness LLC 30
Farmalogics Health & Wellness LLC 9
Four Green Fields LLC 35
Freestate Partners LLC 13
G&J Pharmaceuticals LLC 29
Gina Dubbe 12
GreenLabs Inc. 46
GreenMart of Maryland 6
GTI Maryland LLC 20
H&G Maryland LLC 41
Hallaway LLC 45
Herbiculture Inc. 14
Hippocratic Growth LLC 36
Jenny’s of Maryland I LLC 24
Jova Wellness Center 26
K&R Holdings Inc. 4
LinLar LLC 24
LMS Wellness BLLC 8
Maryland Alternative Relief Inc. 19
Maryland Earthworks Inc. 28
Maryland Health & Wellness Inc. 2
Maryland Medical Cannabis Co. LLC (M2C2 HerbaFi) 20
Maryland Natural Treatment Solutions LLC 31
Maryland Physician Partners LLC 31
Maryland Wellness Access LLC 13
MaryLeaf LLC 39
MCNA Wellness LLC 27
Medical Products and Services Inc. 43
Meshow LLC 7
Metropolitan Medicinals LLC 25
MI Dispensary 39
Mikran LLC 15
Mission Maryland LLC 44
MyBond LLC 5
Nature Care & Wellness LLC 35
OC Botanicals LLC 38
Our Community Wellness & Compassionate Care Center Inc. 23
PalliaTech Maryland LLC 10
Peake ReLeaf LLC 17
Peninsula Alternative Health LLC 37
PharmaCann LLC 18
PharmKent LLC 36
Positive Energy LLC 38
Premium Medicine of Maryland LLC 19
Pure Hana Synergy LLC 21
Pure Life Medical Inc. 46
Revolution Maryland Retail LLC 34
Southern Maryland Relief LLC 29
Sugarloaf Enterprises 17
The Apothecary LLC 1
The SENTEL Group LLC 23
Three Creeks Dispensary 27
Tilstar LLC 37
Time for Healing LLC 22
Town Center Wellness LLC 47
Trilogy Wellness of Maryland LLC 9
WadeWomen LLC-Dr. Dot’s 40
Wellness Institute of Maryland 3


Pre-Approved Growers Granted Dispensary Pre-Approvals:


Curio Dispensary BC LLC 42
Doctors Orders Maryland LLC 46
Freestate Wellness LLC 13
Harvest of Maryland 16
HMS Health LLC 17
Holistic Industries LLC 18
Kind Therapeutics USA LLC 30
Maryland Compassionate Care & Wellness LLC 17
MaryMed LLC 21
Temescal Wellness of Maryland LLC 11


Updated on December 9, 2016 to include the released list of applicant names. The original version of the story was published on November 29, 2016.


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