Pot brownies, federal taxes and more: What isn’t in the Liberal marijuana legalization bill

OTTAWA — Liberal pot laws announced Thursday form a framework for the legalization of cannabis, but some of the most significant details are still up in the air.

We don’t know yet how the federal government plans to tax marijuana. We don’t know the details of packaging. We don’t know if or when the sale of edibles will become legal. And much has been left to provinces to determine: what age you’ll have to be to purchase pot, how much you can carry around, where you’ll be able to buy it.

Here’s what we’re left wondering about after the Liberal government tabled its 131-page Bill C-45 in the House of Commons.

Whither edibles?

There’s not much clarity on edibles, or foods that contain cannabis. Fresh or dried bud will be available right away, as well as cannabis oils that can be used for cooking and baking. But in July 2018, you won’t be able to walk into a store and buy a brownie.

Pre-packaged edibles will be up for sale “later,” and that’s about as detailed an answer as we can expect from the government at this point. An official said Thursday, “it’s something that will be studied.”

Retail and packaging

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