Police raid Canna Clinic marijuana dispensaries across Toronto

Toronto police carried out more raids on marijuana dispensaries in the city Thursday morning.

A total of 12 warrants were executed in Toronto, with seven targeting British Columbia-based Canna Clinics store front locations, including the Queen St. W., and another in Kensington Market.

The other five raids in the city were at private residences.

Police seized illegal drugs and the proceeds from sales.

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Toronto police corporate communications director Mark Pugash said the raids spanned across the country, with three other raids conducted at Canna Clinics locations in Vancouver.

“So far six people have been arrested,” said Pugash, “That number may change as people are in the process of being dealt with.”

Of the arrests, Pugash said that only employees of the companies were the focus of the raids, not any customers. He went on to say that targeting customers is “not what this is about.”

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When asked about the timing of Thursday’s raids, Pugash said investigations and actions on dispensaries have been ongoing, since they are illegal.

“When you execute 15 warrants in two cities across the country it takes a lot of planning. So you go when everything is in place.”


Up until today, Municipal Licensing and Standards estimated there were about 60 outlets in the city selling cannabis. Pugash said police work with the bylaw agency regularly to keep tabs on the dispensaries.

“The numbers ebb and flow, they peaked early last year but they went down considerably since.”

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Earlier this month Mayor John Tory expressed his concern, at a number of public appearances, over the number of dispensaries that are still in business, and went on to say he will continue to support additional police and municipal bylaw enforcement.

“Dispensaries continue to defy the law,” said Pugash, “They try to insist that there’s a grey area, but there’s no grey area. If you don’t have the authority from the federal government, you’re breaking the law.”

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