Mouldy Ontario pot recall extended to B.C.

A voluntary pot recall related to a batch of cannabis sold through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has now been extended to B.C.

B.C.’s Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) says the cannabis comes from RedeCan Pharm, an Ontario cannabis producer that recalled more than 900 ounces of product from the OCS last Friday, following multiple customer complaints of mould and bugs in the product.

The allegations were detailed by angry consumers in a Reddit thread started last week.

It’s the first time B.C. has ever seen a recreational marijuana recall.

RedeCan recalls pot from Ontario Cannabis Store amid reports of mould, bugs

In a statement issued last week, RedeCan said it had received five complaints related to a single lot of cannabis produced in its Pelham, Ont., facility.

“Prior to shipment, this product lot was rigorously inspected and tested by an independent third-party lab to meet the regulatory requirements set out by Health Canada,” it said.

“Product was then packed in a secure facility under sanitary conditions and sealed through the lid of a closed container with an induction seal.”

The company said it will have the product tested by an independent third party to try and determine how moisture could have gotten in and allowed mould to grow.

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The company added that it uses biological pest control, such as ladybugs, to control insects, none of which “burrow” into buds, as detailed in complaints.

“We do not use pesticides. The “black specks” consumers may notice are harmless non-volatile organic matter important to this style of growing,” it said.

“They are safe for consumption and will not affect the taste, consistency, quality or effects of the cannabis.

The affected product is RedeCan’s B.E.C. 3.5 gram specific to lot #4B2L3.

Customers are asked to refrain from consuming the product while RedeCan investigates. Anyone who bought it can contact the LDB’s cannabis Customer Care Centre at 1-844-420-2227 or email [email protected] for return and refund.

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