Manitoba RCMP testing new oral fluid devices for roadside pot screening – Winnipeg

As recreational cannabis has been legalized in Canada for 6 months, RCMP officers are looking at different ways to test the level of intoxication of potential high drivers.

RCMP Constable with Traffic Services, Kristine Dupuis notes an oral fluid device could be used by traffic officers soon in Manitoba.

“The oral fluid device right now, we have six within the RCMP in this province.” Dupuis said.  “We will be testing them starting hopefully next week to see if we should commit to buy more, to give to the general duty members.”

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Currently the RCMP is using the Dräger DrugTest 5000 as their oral fluid device.

“We will be testing it as with traffic service members and see if it’s worth putting money in there,” Dupuis added.

Currently officers use the standardize field sobriety test, which includes noting clinical indicators like blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and measuring your pupil size in different lighting conditions.

The oral fluid device is mobile drug screening system that uses oral fluid to test for seven types of the most commonly abused drugs. The approach provides a non-invasive alternative to collecting urine or blood samples.

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