Man beaten after asking group of people not to smoke pot aboard Dallas train – National

Police in Dallas have made multiple arrests after a man was beaten for asking a group of people to stop smoking marijuana on a Dallas train last weekend.

The attack left the victim unconscious and required him to be hospitalized.

“When they started smoking I’m like, ‘Come on, man. We’re on a train. Can y’all just wait? Just wait,’” Kennan Jones, 44, told NBC-5 News in Dallas.

According to police the assault occurred aboard the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Green Line last Sunday night. A group consisting of at least five men and two women boarded the train around 11:25 P.M. at the Baylor Medical Center station.

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Jones says he confronted the group after he noticed them smoking marijuana aboard the train.

“[The girl] ended up spitting in my face,” Jones told NBC. “I was like, ‘[You’re] lucky I don’t hit females, little girl, because I would beat you’re a** for that.”

“And that’s when everything went from zero to 100.”

Video recorded by a passenger on the train shows what happened next, as the group assaulted Jones for the next several minutes, repeatedly punching and kicking him from all directions as he tried to protect himself.

When the train arrives at Deep Ellum Station the brawl spills onto the platform. At one point the fight seems to be over, but as Jones moves back towards the train the assault begins anew. This time the assault leaves Jones unmoving on the platform after one of the girls hit him in the head with a skateboard.

“In my mind I was like, ‘Just don’t pass out. Just don’t pass out. God, don’t let them kill me,’” Jones said. He was taken to hospital later that night with bruised ribs as well as multiple bruises and lacerations to his face and torso.

WATCH: Victim in brutal Dallas train attack speaks out

As of Friday DART police say they’ve made two arrests in connection with the assault.  Two men are facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and are being held in the Dallas County Jail on $25,000 bond.

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In the video, the some of the suspects can be seen wearing orange employee uniforms from fast food chain WhatBurger.  A restaurant spokesperson released a statement to Fox 4 in Dallas-Fort Worth saying WhatBurger is “appalled” by the situation and is committed to helping police in any way they can.

Meanwhile, Jones is questioning why nobody came to his aid during the minutes-long beating – including and especially DART employees at Deep Ellum Station.

However, a spokesperson for the transit authority says they acted quickly to notify authorities once they became aware of the brawl.

“When we saw them tumble out onto the station, DART police were notified immediately,” Mark Ball, a spokesman for DART, told NBC.

“Within 10 minutes, we had officers there.”

Transit police say the investigation is ongoing and officers are working to identify the remaining suspects.

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