Liberals should expunge Canadians’ cannabis records before fall election, NDP says – National

OTTAWA — The NDP justice critic is urging the Liberal government to help him improve a bill to help Canadians carrying burdensome cannabis records and ensure the legislation passes before the fall election.

Simple pot possession pardons could soon be easier, cheaper as Liberals move to table reforms

Murray Rankin put forward a private member’s bill last year to expunge cannabis records, to ensure past records for simple possession are wiped outright.

He says the Trudeau government’s current approach to suspend records rather than expunge them is far from enough to help an estimated 500,000 Canadians carrying past offences.

WATCH: Canadians charged with cannabis simple possession can apply for pardon

Earlier this month, the federal government introduced legislation designed to provide no-cost, expedited record suspensions, formerly referred to as pardons, for simple cannabis possession.

Rankin says he has spoken with Liberals and Conservatives who have shown an interest in allowing for expungments, noting U.S. jurisdictions where cannabis is legal are also moving forward with this approach.

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A spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the government welcomes “constructive ideas” from any MP to improve legislation and will consider proposals during the normal parliamentary process.

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