Introducing BudBucks!
Redeemable Points for Purchase Discounts

So, now there is a points based loyalty program called BudBucks.

Get 10 points at sign up,
Get 100 points for leaving a review on a product page
Get 1 point per dollar on every purchase.

Cool eh?

See how many points you can get with every purchase by checking a product page,.

At checkout,  it will ask if you want to use them. Simply apply the discount and thats it .

Note: BudBucks, as well as other promo codes cannot be combined.


We have retroactively applied BudBucks to ALL past purchases so look in your account dashboard and see how many BudBucks you have!



Simon Painter

Simon Painter

This is the Buds2Go Staff Account. We work really hard to provide information and news about marijuana legalization, product information and promotional events going on across Canada. We are fanatics and experts on strains and utilizing medical cannabis for the treatment of common ailments.
Simon Painter

15 thoughts on “Introducing BudBucks!
Redeemable Points for Purchase Discounts

    • Sav
      Sav says:

      Hi Sharon,
      We are so happy to hear you are loving our selection!
      please use code : highheat20
      For some additional savings in the future!
      ( please note our discount codes do not work in conjunction with budbucks or listed sales items. ) 🙂

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