Former task force chair says everyone needs to obey the rules on legalized cannabis – New Brunswick

The former chair of the federal cannabis task force says she expected the initial celebration of recreational weed legalization – but it’s now time for everyone to play by the rules.

Anne McLellan says her caution applies to the producers, government and private retailers, and Canadians buying the products.

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McLellan says she expected some industry players would push the limits, and members of the public would smoke cannabis in places they shouldn’t this week, but now it’s time to obey the rules.

The website of New Brunswick’s Crown agency, Cannabis NB, has come under question for its product descriptions and images of people smiling and taking a selfie or holding a yoga pose – things that may violate federal regulations, and Health Canada says it’s looking into it.

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Cannabis NB says it’s open to feedback and will modify the website if required.

McLellan, a former Liberal deputy prime minister, says the lesson has been learned from legalization in some American states – you have to enforce the rules now if you expect them to be obeyed in the future.

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