Executives dismissed from beleaguered Winnipeg cannabis producer


A Winnipeg-based cannabis producer under fire for selling unapproved product has terminated the jobs of all three senior managers who were running the company at the time.

George Robinson, CEO of  RavenQuest Technologies Inc., a third-party management company, wouldn’t speculate on the motivations of Bonify’s executive structure but said the individuals have been accused of bullying and threatening the staff workers who tried to speak up.

“Some of those people felt their jobs were also on the line,” Robinson said.

He said Bonify obtained 200 kilos of “irregular” product, but he was not aware of the source.

The three executives were terminated with cause and an executive assistant was dismissed without reason, Robinson said, and one member of the board of directors was suspended.

Robinson said it appears Bonify felt pressure to satisfy its supply agreements, which might have contributed to its decision to sell irregular product. Only 182 grams of the product were sold, all in Saskatchewan.

He said did not know whether police have joined Health Canada in investigating the problem.

Last week, Manitoba’s Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority and the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corp. announced Bonify cannabis had been seized from the province’s retailers and delisted after two strains from the producer were recalled in Saskatchewan over contamination issues.

The company was hit with a second recall notice on Christmas Eve. Health Canada announced it was recalling 14 additional lots of Bonify dried cannabis as a precautionary measure.

The product was removed because of “record keeping issues with production documents that may not meet the requirements,” the recall notice said. Nearly 5,900 units of recalled product were sold in Manitoba and at two Saskatchewan retailers — New Leaf Emporium and Spiritleaf.

Eight of the lots also had a labelling error where the cannabinoid values were reversed, Health Canada said.

Neither Health Canada or Bonify have received any complaints about the products, the recall notice said.

Health Canada learned this month that Bonify removed company executives and brought in RavenQuest to review how unapproved cannabis products were released for sale.


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