Enough pot to make 440,000 ‘average-sized’ joints seized near Banff: RCMP

Mounties showed off the efforts of a massive pot seizure near Banff on Thursday.

In a news release, RCMP said a whopping 326 lbs. of cannabis was found by officers during a Jan. 26 traffic stop. That adds up to “enough to make over 440,000 average-sized joints.”

“The recent legalization of cannabis means that there are legal avenues to obtain and consume cannabis,” Cpl. Kyle Maetche said, adding that cannabis trafficking remains illegal.

In addition to the cannabis, RCMP seized 10 lbs. of psilocybin mushrooms, 4.5 lbs. of cannabis resin (also known as shatter), two lbs. of THC edibles and $11,000 in Canadian currency.

“The mushrooms seized would roughly equate to 9,000 average doses,” RCMP stated.

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