Chairman of New Brunswick recreational committee says they’re finding no consensus – New Brunswick

A committee of the New Brunswick legislature studying marijuana legalization is wrapping up a week of public hearings with lots of unanswered questions and little consensus.

Committee chairman Benoit Bourque says presenters were split on whether the minimum age should be 19 or 21, and whether cannabis should be sold at government-run stores or by the private sector.

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He says there are also no clear answers on how to deal with enforcement for impaired drivers or employees on the job.

Tim Petersen, president of WorkSafeNB, says the answers to all the questions should be consistent across the country.

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Laurie Manzer, a veteran who uses medicinal marijuana, says the rules for recreational and medicinal use need to be kept separate, so young cancer patients aren’t prevented from being treated with marijuana because of their age.

The committee won’t be making any recommendations, but will summarize all the presentations in a report for the provincial government by Sept. 1.

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