Barry and L Dixon discuss U.S. government coup of marijuana industry: Legalization is not Freedom


“You may have seen him on the pages of Maxim, or during one of his many appearances on CNN, Fox News and Spike TV. He’s the cop who turned against the drug war. In American pop culture right now, there’s nobody quite like him. As one of the former top drug cops working the Texas highways, he was ferocious, bringing down hundreds of people for possessing even tiny amounts of an illegal substance. In his new life as an Expert Witness, anti-prohibition crusader and activist filmmaker, he’s just as ferocious, but now it’s his former colleagues in law enforcement who are sweating his intimidating gaze…Cooper is on a mission to free America’s drug prisoners and take down the abusive cops he once sought to emulate. In the terminology of war, Barry is an insurgent, lobbing bombs into the fourth estate as his form of penance for all the people he put behind bars on drug offenses.” —True/Slant

Barry Cooper has received global attention by being reported in over 700 newspapers and magazines including Rolling Stones, High Times, a feature in Maxim Magazine and a front cover feature in Cannabis Culture Magazine and the Texas Observer. He has been a guest on numerous radio shows and every cable news channel including MSNBC Tucker Carlson, FOX Geraldo At Large, ABC I Caught, NBC Mike and Juliet Morning Show and NPR’s, This American Life. He has also appeared as drug and legal expert in five episodes of SPIKE TV’s reality show, MANSWERS. Barry recently starred with Woody Harrelson, 50 Cent, Eminem and Susan Sarandon in the anti drug war documentary, “How To Make Money Selling Drugs.” The movie features Barry freeing prisoners.

“Barry was even better than he says he was. He had a knack for finding drugs and made more arrests and more seizures than all of the other agents combined. He was probably the best narcotics officer in the state and maybe the country during his time with the task force.” –Tom Finley, Commander Permian Basin Drug Task Force

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37 thoughts on “Barry and L Dixon discuss U.S. government coup of marijuana industry: Legalization is not Freedom

  1. Anonymous says:

    Some times people of good conscience can not blindly obey unjust laws. The so called harm effects of cannabis fall between coffee and a beer. The real harm of cannabis is the prohibition laws that destroy peoples lives caught with small amounts for personal use. Is ironic the two groups that want to maintain prohibition are the drug cartels and police, says it all really.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh ya, true-dough, the other one was so good, we gotta have another one. Just like bushes and clintons. Oh ya, we haven't had enough of them either. How many Americans are saying; "we need more bush" or "we need more clinton"???

  3. Anonymous says:

    What people generally feel is, not "I'm not capable of governing myself" they believe "Everyone but ME needs to be governed" and assume they are immune to bad governance. They foolishly assume the government sees things the way they do, and will side with them, until they're proven otherwise, which is why so many people think police are good, and fair… because they've never been on the painful end of the stick. People that ARE on the bad side of the stick, usually seem so surprised. All of that, is part of the spell that's been woven over them, the hypnotism, the implanted suggestion that the Amerikan Dream is real. Maybe it was at one point, but the wicked creatures in power have used that story to sing the general populace a lullaby and the only thing that wakes most of them up, is some jail time for something they did that didn't harm anyone, or being falsely accused of something, which happens more than people know. Once that happens, the wise, stay woken up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "Good politicians" Lol! Next let's pretend there's something called a "God", sounds fun doesn't it? Government and religion, two sides of the same evil coin used by those in power to gain more power and control over everyone else.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anytime the government wants to give something "legal" status, there are only two reasons. 1) $, and 2) Control of peoples choices and behaviors. If you don't agree that's perfectly fine, but ask yourself why chamomile has no legalized status?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Re-watching again and I've just gotta add….just the other night, i was bored and decided to watch Braveheart again. I watched in when it came out back in the day….but I've evolved as we all do and if you can suspend judgement and just watch it with the eyes of human compassion, combined with this video and the idea of FREEDOM and what it really means. My hopes is for all humanity to evolve and avoid more bloodshed for FREEDOM. However, only time will tell.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yooo…… My man, BARRY COOPER!!!!!
    You are an inspiration Brother!!!!!

    I'm happy as Bud that you've been posting ALOT, lately……

    My recommendation is that you do "daily Vlogs", or as much as you can, cause I'm sure it is allot of work. OR even weekly special guest "sit downs" and have in depth discussions.
    If you start putting up more and consistent content…. you will see an exponential amount of growth on your channel. These "daily Vloggers" make bank off of their channels. and not just the great bank you can make, but more importantly….. you can continue to spread your words and beliefs about the drug industry to a greater amount of people.

    PLEASE CONSIDER…… Cause it's love to see more of you, your discussions, and smoke sessions, lol……


  8. Anonymous says:

    Barry I think you took down the anabolic steroids for increased vitality video? I was going to comment that the same effects can be achieved through no fap and karezza sex, ie. ejaculating reduces testosterone

  9. Anonymous says:

    Legalization = State monopoly. They did the same thing with alcohol and cigarettes and the lotto and gambling.
    Meaning me and you cannot profit off of these products, only the government can, keeping them in power as the suppliers of these products/services.
    Hence why you are the devil if you buy or sell "indian cigarettes" and you will be locked up for years. You are also a piece of shit if you are a "bootlegger" selling alcohol to other people. Same thing with setting up your own lottery and gambling.
    It's ok for the government to do these things though. What a crock of shit. Fuck the state overlords.
    Mark my words, they will do the EXACT same thing with weed legalization. Only government sponsored corporations will be able to sell it to you, and you will be just as much of a criminal, or more so than you already are today, if you want to buy or sell your own weed that didn't come from them.
    It's all about power because if we can produce our own wealth, we will not need them anymore. And I say good riddance.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I've got an older video from about 4 years ago already….dang! It's my John Stossel's "Is Everything Illegal?" Some interesting responses and the topic was worth posting. Truth be TOLD….the paradigm we need to abolish, is the monetary reality itself. Easier said than done. So…what to do? Keep educating YOURSELF. Make up your own damn mind for your own damn life, not anyone else's. Some say, the whole prohibition thing is sort of a LONG TERM game to "give us something" that should have NEVER been taken away in the very first place. It's gonna get worse, BEFORE it gets better. How? Just by OSMOSIS alone…our collective-CONSCIOUSNESS will SEE through the veil of lies. Where you cannot ignore it and when THAT happens….all I can "hope for" is that the majority won't IGNORE the TRUTH. Fingers crossed. Peace & Love brothers! ; -)>

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can understand having the right to do whatever with your consciousness you want to via drugs, HOWEVER what about when people start getting violent with others, driving intoxicated and being general retards because of the increase in users if they legalize all drugs? Keep the cops in brand new cop cars for sure.

  12. Anonymous says:

    the state says yes, but the feds say no…its a trap set by all the criminal political turds….the system of stupid sucks…todays cannabis cultivation is yesterdays alcohol prohibition….Barry you need to watch…terrence mckenna, he's was a lover of the mushroom much like yourself..peace and love brother!…fuck the police…nothing but cockrings for the obelisk of fraud

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