Are we leaving this to A Regulatory Body of Yes-Men and Talking Heads?

Hey guys, and Happy Monday!

Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K

(That’s a “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” reference)

Oh things have been going crazy around here the past few weeks. We have been adding tons of new products to our lineup, as well as getting our new distribution facility finished which should be done as early as tomorrow afternoon!! We’re pretty excited about how well received the cannabis industry is doing in the western part of Canada.

But if you have been following our blog and news reports, there are troubling things happening on the eastern seaboard:

More questions than answers as Cannabis Committee begins New Brunswick consultations

According to a “Working Group” that are helping the province prepare for the legalities: Legalized marijuana should be sold through Crown corporation

Want my opinion?

These working groups are made up of a cops, liquor store employees and a few city workers.

This is actually very worrisome., talk about a panel of talking heads!

Because now it is not illegal per say .. it is [in essence] the wild west of a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry that will be tying corrupt government to corrupt businesses to exploit .. what?

Government have been pushing for legalization for quite some time despite lobby’s against it simply because there’s a “cash cow ” of a tax revenue generation machine just waiting to be exploited (as gleaned from Colorado and the Netherlands.)

One of the things we need to get organized about right now is making sure there is government and regulatory transparency. There needs to be private citizen oversight of our governments “business interests” taking over regulatory command and legal logistics., because despite whether or not the government has any ties between businesses themselves, or the regulators .. what happens if this government decides it’s in the best interest to have something like the LCBO? That means just like right now, you’re not allowed to buy any liquor unless it comes from a licensed distributor .. what about other cannabis products? CBD? what happens if they decide its worth $200 per tincture? or THC Pills are illegal? then we’re back to where we are right now.. and then you have . what? Another corrupt system usurping control of the people’s wants? dictating what you can and can’t have.

I don’t have any answers per say, only the opinions of a long-time user of cannabis products,. who is also a middle-age male with some type of authority on the matter of cannabis legalization.

I’m not talking about the authority that you get from class, or “regulatory body of yes men and monkeys”.

I mean police, court .. the legal and judicial system .. I’m talking about being a regular smoker for over 20 years and having to go to court once or twice for possession.

I’m talking about being fined and being busted by the police with marijuana and smoking “paraphernalia” in a province of Canada where it was illegal.

What do these talking heads have for a plan of economic growth if it is not a free market? where is my choice? why should we blindly “obey” what this broken system dictates as “Legal”

I really want to have an open discussion about this.. maybe join us on our Facebook page and see if we can get a plan together! 




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