6 months until edibles hit the market, Cannabis companies get ready for 2nd round of legalization – Winnipeg

Marijuana shops have been popping up across the country as legalization has set in, but next October there will be more options allowed on the shelves.

Winnipeg-based Delta 9 Cannabis has partnered with technology company Nanosphere Cannabis International (NCI) to produce a new form of cannabis oil.

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NCI president Gary Symons says one of the advantages of this new type of oil is that when it’s ingested, will take effect in under 10 minutes, when edibles sometimes take more than an hour to feel the impact.

“What often happens is people take some of an edible and they don’t feel anything and then they take more and they get the full of the effect in three or four hours,” he said.

“You’re in the emergency room, next thing you know, vomiting and having panic attacks.”

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John Arbuthnot, CEO of Delta 9 says there are lots of advantages for the product on the medical and recreational side of the business.

“As we roll out the expanded regulations this fall, consumers aren’t going to want to be waiting up to an hour or more to experience the effect of the product. If we can shorten that uptake to similar to drinking a beer that’s a value proposition that’s interesting to us,” he said.

The goal is for their oil to hit the market in the summer and then be the base of future products like nasal sprays, patches, vaping products and cannabis drinks.

“Cannabis has a social problem. So right now in Winnipeg or Manitoba you can’t smoke in any public place,” Symons said. “If you live in a multi-unit dwelling or apartment or condo, it’s likely you can’t smoke it so what alternative do you have?”

While more options will be hitting the shelves soon, companies are looking at what could be next for the cannabis industry.

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