2 kids taken to hospital after eating cannabis chocolate bar, Brandon police say

Brandon police are warning parents to make sure cannabis products are kept out of sight after two young children got their hands on a cannabis-infused chocolate bar. 

Police said the children, aged five and two, had to be taken to hospital for treatment on Saturday.

“Just looking at it, you can see why a child would grab it and think it’s just a piece of chocolate,” Brandon police Sgt. Dallas Lockhart told CBC News on Saturday. 

Lockhart said the service wanted to use it as an example for parents on why it’s important to keep such products away from children. 

“This does look like an actual chocolate bar,” he said. “It’s not surprising that children, especially young children, would see it and think that it’s a treat.” 

Purchasing or selling edible cannabis products is still illegal in Canada, but making them at home is allowed under the current legislation. 

Lockhart said the incident is under investigation and wouldn’t say whether anyone would face charges. 

“We’re not pointing a finger at one particular person,” he said. “This was an unfortunate incident. We wanted to take this opportunity, with a live example, to say that these are products that are not meant for children.”

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