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We provide mail order marijuana, marijuana chocolates, marijuana gummies and other THC/CBD edibles. We carry extracts, distillates and concentrates as well as an assortment of shatters. Browse THC vapour pens, dabs and cannabis based topicals for delivery across Canada to allow Canadian citizens to buy marijuana online.
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Edibles | Grade: AAA

Mota THC Spray Sativa Sleek, discreet and supper convenient, these indica, and minty infused alcohol sprays are fast acting and effective and is also a great smoke free option. Each bottle contains 175 mg of THC with 70 sprays per bottle that means each spray administered orally is 2.5 mg of THC. This spray will leave patients in full body euphoria.

Concentrates | Grade: AA

200 puffs of distillate per pen!! Nice and discreet!

Hybrid | Grade: AAA
Rated 4.00 out of 5

MANGO HAZE Mango haze is a three-way sativa crossbreed with a THC content of 17-23%. The nugs are light green; shimmering in trichomes with light hues of orange pistils, these nugs are nicely compact with an earthy-skunky aroma. It burns a beautiful white smoke accompanied with a mango fragrance with a blissful, energetic high. With an instant head high, a slow body high anchors it. This is best suited for patients who suffer with mood disorders, chronic pain and migraines.

Hybrid | Grade: AAAA

CALIFORNIA ORANGE Also known as Cali-O, this is an old school favorite to many and has a 50/50 indica- sativa hybrid with a THC content of 10-15%. The buds are high compacted with visible orange pistils and its sweet citrus aromas leave an elegant orange zesty and spiced-clove flavor. Cali-O is known to give you a potent mental high, making the patient focused on a situation at hand and is great for those suffering anxiety and attention deficits.


Hybrid | Grade: AAAA
Rated 4.00 out of 5
$12.00 $10.00

As its name suggests, this strain has a sweet grape aroma with earthy notes that activate on the exhale. Powerful, long-lasting euphoria knocks out stress, leaving your mood elevated and your body relaxed.

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Indica | Grade: AAAA
Rated 3.80 out of 5

The body-centered high is calming and euphoric, with a boost of happiness. It can also lead to a powerful case of the munchies, which makes it great for fighting eating disorders and wasting conditions.

Indica | Grade: AAAA
Rated 4.00 out of 5

Pennywise is a high CBD strain that boasts a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. This strain is a cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper and produces a calm cerebral high and a relaxing body buzz. The 1:1 ratio of this plant gives it amazing therapeutic qualities, CBD is a medicinal powerhouse! CBD annihilates inflammation making this the perfect strain for treatment of arthritis, migraines, tension headaches, muscle inflammation and much more. This strain is great for anytime of day, the high CBD content will mellow the high from the THC so this is a great smoke for when you need to stay focused and get things done. Pennywise has an earthy, sweet and woody scent and taste and gives a calm and uplifted focused cerebral high to lift your spirits while the CBD takes care of any pain. The perfect anytime strain, add some to your cart before its all gone!

Hybrid | Grade: AAAA
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Royal Flush is a Sativa dominant hybrid that came from crossbreeding a Mexican landrace strain called El Dorado with Jock Horror. -- A gassy bubble gum smell with hints of citrus and berries. Its a golden maple syrup colour and slightly waxy. Its soft but not sticky.

Hybrid | Grade: AAAA
Rated 4.50 out of 5

God’s Green Crack is a balanced hybrid strain bred by Jordan of the Islands, who wanted to lighten up the heavy effects of God Bud with a high-flying Green Crack sativa. Select Quantity (grams)

Concentrates | Grade: AAA
Rated 5.00 out of 5

The Royal Flush is one of the best brands we carry. The distillate is beautiful, crystal clear with no matter. As one of the only dispensaries serving this particular line, we and sure you will be just as pleased as us with this great concentrate

Edibles | Grade: AAA

Mota Lollipops (assorted) These are honestly perfect for the sweet tooth on the go and believe it or not, it's discreet and practical; no one will know. Each lollipop is perfectly flavored containing 150 mg of THC distillate.

Indica | Grade: AAA
Rated 5.00 out of 5

The Rockstar hybrid tends to produce a variety of different effects that are rather potent in nature. The first effect that most users discuss in reference to this particular strain is the overwhelming high of euphoria that washes over them within a minute of smoking it.

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