Nova Scotia firm says it’s been granted a licence to grow cannabis – Halifax

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A Nova Scotia company says the federal government has granted it a licence to cultivate medical cannabis through a special process that combines horticulture and fish farming.

Aqualitas Inc., based in Liverpool, plans to have so-called aquaponically grown cannabis ready for market by this summer.

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The company says it is one of three licensed cannabis cultivators in Nova Scotia, and the only one using an aquaponic growing platform.

The co-founder and CEO of Aqualitas, Myrna Gillis, says it has taken three years for the company to get the licence.

With an expansion expected later this year, Gillis says the company’s goal is to become one of the largest licensed producers of all-natural cannabis in Canada.

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The firm made the announcement in a news release Tuesday.

“We’re particularly proud of how we’ve been able to combine scientific research with our commitment to growing quality cannabis,” Gillis said in a statement.

“Our outstanding team of scientists, business professionals and creative thinkers has made Aqualitas a disruptor in this industry.”

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